photo diaries: summer

They say all good things must come to an end. So I bid a farewell to the summer of 2015. 

Recently, I haven't been myself. I'm not sure what the cause of it is, but there's been something missing lately.  However, despite this empty feeling, I can say that the current people surrounding me have become a very important addition to my life. I think for once I'm really content with the people that I call my "friends". Perhaps that's why I'm so bummed about this summer being over. Such a memorable summer.  I was able to reunite with old friends, create closer bonds with current friends, and even discover new friendships. So, thank you, my friends. I think you make life a lot better. I really do appreciate, you guys. 

My Fujifilm Quicksnap film cameras finally got developed. No one really uses film cameras anymore since it's a lot faster and easier to take a picture on your cellphone. You never know how the photos will turn out on a film camera. And I think that's why they are so fun. Anyways, here's some random snaps from my summer. Enjoy. 

Dear Joe and Justin (our waiters at Gen in CA), I think y'all are cute. Sorry I never wrote you guys a Yelp review, but thanks for taking a picture with us. Love, Nikki.

 The rest of our California trip consisted of the great search for Blazeman and eating some delicious foods. I think it was the chillest vacation I've had before, so it was a nice break from normal life. 

My last day in California I ate all-you-can-eat Korean bbq, and then literally a few hours later after arriving back in Vegas, I ate all-you-can-eat sushi. Worth. 

Lena (my soul sister) and Monica (my troll partner). These cool cats always made work more fun. DUDE TRUE. 

My alien brotherling, Syd (aerodynamo), always helps me out. I can't thank this kid enough.

Then after work one night, Mac, Keita, Sara, Syd, and I all got together and went to some late night karaoke. The owner guy was pretty cool and gave us a discount. I think when I go to karaoke, it's my form of getting drunk. By the end of the night, my voice was gone. 

Got some stuff for some s'mores. And then took some "sailor squad" photos for Mac's last day in Vegas. 

Celebrated Ray's birthday with some ramen and crêpes. Ray is the most kawaiiest kid ever! 
My "ride or dies". I think I spent the majority of the summer with these kids. We don't usually see each other during semesters at school, but every time we get together, it's always a blast. Can't wait to party it up at Life Is Beautiful this month with them and Amber! 

I don't know if I should promise to post more often, because it seems like every time I say that, I won't post for a few months. Anyways thanks for reading. Happy September! 

xx Nikki 



wearing: thrifted striped turtleneck, skirt from h&m, hat borrowed from syd, black platforms. photos by sydney mendoza

here's the rest of the photos i shot with syd a while back along with a playlist of songs i've been listening to when i'm feeling all lovey-dovey inside. can't say i've been digging this vegas heat lately. but there's still two months of summer vacation left, so i guess i'll have to toughen it out. i want to go to the beach. i want to listen to the waves and scream when weird ocean creatures touch my feet. i want to eat shaved ice and drink from coconuts. ah, summer. let's go someplace. who's down? 



wearing: thrifted navy blouse, thrifted mustard(?) jacket, leather shorts from H&M, black platforms. Photos by sydney mendoza

Another quick update. See what I meant by my hair being a mess right now? I'm starting to think I need to turn to a professional to fix my hair. I kinda miss having short hair, because it was so simple to maintain and take care of. I want to try so many different things with my hair that now I can't decide what I want (dark/light?, short/long?, etc). I think I should experiment a little and try something I've never done before though. Maybe I'll just shave it all off? ..nah, I don't think I'm that brave just yet.

It's 1:40am and here I am worrying about hair.

I haven't been able to sleep at all recently. I don't know if it's from the stress of constantly having plans every day of the week (I'm introverted, so it can be hard for me to see people every single day of the week without recharging a little bit on my own), or because my mind is overwhelmed with stupid thoughts. Who knows. But the lack of sleep is causing my already noticeable dark circles to grow another centimeter or two. Not even makeup can cover them anymore. *yawns* Yeah, I think it's time for me to hit the sack. 

Goodnight, good morning, and happy Friday.

x Nikki


그냥 ROCK!

All photos taken by my wonderful friend Sydney Mendoza

Here's another look from yesterday's shoot. The buildings in the area were closely compacted together and had narrow streets. Not your typical Vegas neighborhood where all the homes are exactly identical to the next. We shot a total of 5 looks in one day. Because there was no private place to change while switching locations, I ended up having to change outfits in the car. Props to Mia Thermopolis for being able to successfully put on clothes inside a moving vehicle, while I could barely manage in a parked vehicle.  Usually I style these pieces a bit more "classy", because I always feel like lace brings out a sort of dainty look. However, I ended up going for a more edgy and revealing combination yesterday. 

I'm wearing a pink lace top from H&M with some black basic tights under my Uniqlo skirt that I got during my SF summer trip. I paired the outfit with a spiked choker and graffiti Chanel backpack (borrowed from Syd) to spunk up the outfit a bit more. And as usual, I'm wearing my every day black platforms to give me some more height.  

Oh! Also, here's a silly video from yesterday if you prefer watching something instead. 



I know just a month ago I promised that I would be more of an active blogger. Well... I lied. Final exams came around and smacked me in the face with stress. Although it went by quickly, I can now say I've successfully finished my first semester of university. Ah, at last, freedom.

Hm, some more updates. I attempted to dye/bleach my hair on my own, but the result ended terribly (my hair is spotted with different colours now haha). I've been going to the gym with a few friends every week in attempts to look "hot" for summer. I bought tickets for Life Is Beautiful this year. It will be the first music festival that I will attend, so I'm already super pumped for September. Especially being able to experience it with Tiff and Syd, who spent last summer with me in San Francisco. Now all we need is Amber to be reunited, haha. I also made a cover on my Youtube channel just for shits and giggles. Didn't expect to get so many views (should of guessed from Big Bang fans). There was some mixed reviews based off the comments I got. Though, I'm not actually hurt by the people that respond negatively. Besides with every hate comment, there's always gonna be a few nice comments that come with it. So to those cool cats who gave some positive feedback to me, thank you. I really do appreciate it. Other than those few things, nothing new, just the usual.

The weather has been switching on and off between rain and sun. I kinda forgot how hot it gets in Vegas, because it feels like it's been a while since I've spent an entire summer here. I had a few lookbook shoots with Sydney this afternoon before it starts reaching over 100 degrees outside. I promise these next few days I'll be updating more with some of those photos. So please look forward to it! And hope you enjoy the photos below.

Happy Sunday!

All photos by Sydney Mendoza

My entire outfit was basically thrifted/hand-me-downs. I'm wearing a denim short-sleeved top from Goodwill, some denim shorts over some basic black tights that were also thrifted, a small vintage Coach bag that my mom gave me, and glasses from Aldo.

xx Nikki